Research progress of MYB transcription factor family in plant stress resistance


  • Ruye CUI Zhejiang Xiaoshan Institute of Cotton & Bast Fiber Crops, Zhejiang Institute of Landscape Plants and Flowers, Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Hangzhou 311251; Shandong Agricultural University, School of Life Sciences, Tai an, 271018 (CN)
  • Xia AN Zhejiang Xiaoshan Institute of Cotton & Bast Fiber Crops, Zhejiang Institute of Landscape Plants and Flowers, Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Hangzhou 311251 (CN)



MYB transcription factors, Protein structure, plant, stress


The MYB (v-MYB avian myoblast viral oncogene homolog) family of transcription factors is a large class of transcription factors that are widely distributed in eukaryotes and found in nearly all eukaryotes. The MYB protein exhibits the typical structure and function of transcription factors. Its protein molecular structure consists of a highly conserved DNA-binding domain known as the MYB domain, as well as a relatively less conserved transcriptional activation region and negative regulatory region. MYB proteins can regulate plant growth and development, primary and secondary metabolism, and respond to various abiotic stresses such as drought, high temperature, and high salt. In this paper, we summarize the structural characteristics of MYB family transcription factors, as well as their roles in biotic and abiotic stresses. We also elaborate on the progress of relevant research, aiming to provide theoretical insights for better understanding the functions and regulatory mechanisms of all members of the MYB family in plants. Furthermore, we aim to explore the potential utilization of these transcription factor family members in crop improvement.


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