Effect of modified atmosphere packaging on nutraceutical quality and overall appearance of figs stored at 1 °C





‘Black Mission’; ethylene production; Ficus carica L.; postharvest handling; respiration rate; sensory test


Ficus carica L. has fruits with an exquisite flavour, colour and aroma. However, due to its morphological characteristics, it has a limited shelf life. The objective of this research was to evaluate the effect of modified atmosphere packaging on nutraceutical quality and the overall appearance of figs stored at 1 °C. The experimental design used was completely randomized with four replications. The combined use of packaging and cold allowed to observe fruits with less weight loss and firmness, maintaining the values of citric acid and VC without significant changes. With the exception of the last evaluation period, no statistical variation was found in the content of TAn, TP and AC. On the other hand, it was also possible to observe a significant impact on the reduction of respiration and ethylene production, which could be corroborated with the conservation of sensory aspects of the fruit (texture, colour, appearance, marketing level, aroma and flavour) from very good to good. The generation of passive atmospheres (packaging) and the use of cold (1 °C) are useful tools in maintaining the nutraceutical quality and appearance of fig fruits, aspects highly appreciated by consumers and marketers of this fruit.


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